Co-ordinator: Gugu Dlamini 'Indlovu'

St. Faith's Choir has made its name in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. It is one of the very unique and dynamic groups with members’ ages ranging between 16 and 82 years. It started as an organised church choir in 1976 under the leadership of Mr Douglas Shange, who was the conductor, and Canon IM Dlamini, who are both late. In 1981 Canon IM Dlamini embarked on a massive task to build the church hall. The choir was involved in fundraising for this project by singing Christmas carols at the Durban City Hall steps on Saturdays and passers-by made donations. The fundraising efforts were also boosted by Reverend Rob Tailor of St Martins-in-the-field in Durban North where the choir used to perform for occasions of the church. Congregants from that church made generous donations towards the cause.

This choir is very active and has visited a number of parishes in the Diocese of Zululand with an aim to promote Anglicanism by singing Anglican hymns. The choir is also involved in outreach by singing in different functions for the congregants and other community members who invites them. To enhance their spiritual growth, the choir engages in retreats twice a year, bible studies and general interpretation of church hymns. The choir has been very fortunate to have as their member Mr Nene “Mntothile” who has been a member of St Faith’s church for 46 years. He has joined the likes of Mr Dweba, Mr Simon Mbonambi who have retired and moved back to their domiciles.

Apart from singing in the church, the choir contributes in all activities of the church and has won the trophy for Thanksgiving on three occassions.





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