Leader: Mr Andile Nomandela

We, as Lay Ministers at St Faith Anglican Church are mainly involved in the matters pertaining worship and liturgy. We provide full support to the Clergy and we strive to perform our duties within the stipulations of Canons and Constitution of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. This ministry is open to all members of our church who feel they have been called into the work of the Lord

  • We are involved in the worship leading and preaching,

  • We provide assistance to the clergy during the Eucharist.

  • We undertake classes to prepare candidates for Baptisms, Confirmations and Penitence.

  • We also visit bereaved families to offer prayers and condolences and conducting funeral services for our members and their relatives equally.

  • As Lay Ministers, we are valued members of the body of Christ in general, our Parish and our Diocese.

  • During the year we hold various meetings such as Bible studies, Workshops, and once a year a Retreat to help us grow spiritually and in the work of the Lord.