Revd Malusi Msimango




Welcome to St Faithís new-look website. It is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you these revamped web pages where the activities of our church will be reflected. With this website, we intend to keep our congregants in Durban, in other parts of the country and abroad, informed about whatís taking place at St Faithís. This is also a platform to reach out to our many fellow Anglican friends and those who may want to know more about us. As the church, we live in an information age and this website is but one of the many means to try and reach the people in South Africa and across the globe in the quickest way possible.

To a great extent, it should become an additional tool that we can use to exchange ideas and spread the message about what we, at St Faithís, stand for. Read about our outreach programmes, various organisations and their role at St Faithís and in the community at large, know the leaders of the organisations, be aware of our community projects and other programmes led by our HIV and Aids Committee. Look out for up-coming events and outreach activities to keep abreast with the latest at St Faithís. There will be regular updates on recent events and big services on our calendar. All of these are covered in this website. We have included some historical information that we could lay our hands on, a list of the clergy that served at St Faithís since its inception. I encourage anyone with further historical information to share about St Faithís to contribute. In the pipeline is the inclusion of debates of a number of topical subjects that arise especially during bible study. I can assure you that visiting St Faithís website is by no means a waste of time, the site itself and the links will connect you with the world of Anglicans, but it will also help you understand St Faithís and the Anglican Communion better.

As part of expanding Christís work through the use of modern technology available to us, we are currently examining the viability of having a St Faithís facebook page. Our team is fully aware of the abuses associated with such social networks, and therefore certain considerations would have to be made to make sure that our facebook page is a controlled platform that will encourage users to channel their energies in a constructive and positive way aimed at spreading Godís message. My greatest gratitude goes to Bishop Rubin Phillip of our Diocese of Natal, Archdeacon May Laban for their encouraging words and endorsement of this new-look website. I would also like to thank Sizwe Ngcobo and Thulani Mbatha, as well as Church Warden Ms Bathobile Kweyama for their input in making sure that St Faithís window to the world reflects what a great congregation we are.

Please, feel free to send suggestions on how we can improve our website to this