Isaiah 6:8

A new theme for the Diocese of Natal, a challenge from me, as your Bishop to every member of our Diocese, (clergy and laity), to each and every parish and their Anglican communion, to heed the call of our Lord, to offer yourselves to His service with renewed fervour and commitment. As we launch our website simultaneously with our new theme, “Here am I Lord, send me” Nangu Mina Nkosi, ngithume”, may all our hands raise eagerly to take on the challenges we face. Mission outreach, growing His Church and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in words and works; infusing and regenerating moral values to our youth, in a secular world of distractions and technology, make this task daunting and indeed difficult, yet exciting, challenging and necessary. Whilst not all our parishes and parishioners have access to computers and the advantage of internet, it is my hope that in our efforts to keep abreast of technology and cyber communication, that many of you will use our website.

Our web address is and it is my personal commitment to seeing that the website will remain “alive”, and that the information posted will be interesting, informative and up to date. Communication is a dual responsibility, and I ask, that as we at the Diocese keep our side of the commitment, so you, the clergy and laity alike, will be forthcoming with events and news that will be of interest to those who will be accessing our website, and that you convey these to my office for considered publication. Please note that Anglican News will be re-launched in Easter 2012.

Bishop Rubin
Diocese of Natal