Leader: Mrs Mbongwe

WCF meets every third Sunday of the month for a meeting dedicated to praying and reading the Bible. Members take turns to prepare verses and lead in fellowship. Members with prayer needs are also prayed for. Members who are bereaved are visited at home. WCF has discussed the possibility of asking the Rector of the Parish to assist them in spiritual matters, e.g. developing a closer bond with God through prayer as well as how to lead the reading and interpretation of scripture. WCF at St Faith’s visits other Anglican Parishes in the Durban area during the year, for example St Barnabas, Lamont, St Phillips, Prince of Peace, Ekuvukeni and St Augustine’s. When new members are admitted to be organisation, other parishes in Durban and surrounds are invited to the occasion.

Members attend the monthly women’s meeting during the first Sunday of each month, so as to be part of the “ladies community” of the Parish. In instances where other organisation in the parish are doing joint projects, e.g. – Father’s Day, cake sale during Palm Sunday, cluster for MU, Sunday School parties, etc, members are asked to be part of the activities to represent the organisation. WCF is also active in welcoming new members to the parish (a day when leaders of organisation introduce their activities in new members) as well as giving hampers to senior citizens and to needy families at Christmas time.

Members make pledges and follow up with payments. Members also do voluntary work in the church, for example, spring-cleaning the kitchen once a year.

1. Spiritual growth through prayer and reading the Bible.
2. Growth through interaction with fellow members and other organisations at St Faith’s.
3. Growth through fellowship and pledging.
4. Taking care of orphans and the needy in the Parish and society.